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The main source of feedback from our new clients is that they did not know who was managing their property and they were constantly being given new property managers.

At Rossi Real Estate, Lainie and her team are very aware of this and having one point of contact for you means YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW WHO YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER IS.  We are very proud of the great relationships we have built with our clients - this has only been achieved by constantly liaising and communicating with our clients.

Our comprehensive procedures allow us to carry out daily tasks such as rental arrears, lease renewals and general maintenance quickly and efficiently, allowing us to dedicate more time on other important key areas of managing your property.  Whilst some property managers consider property management to be collecting the rent and "crisis managing", we are constantly looking at new ways to enhance the value of your investment property.  

Key areas such as regularly monitoring the local rental market, reducing vacancy rates and frequent rent reviews are constantly attended to by our team.  We also look for areas of capital growth with your property, in terms of preventative maintenance or improvements that can increase the overall value of your investment.

Working closely with a referral base of mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and financial institutions, allows us to keep up to date with market trends, depreciation and tax deductions.  All of these items can increase your rental income and maximise the value of your property in the long term.

Our guarantee is to always act in the best interests of our property owners therefore maximising the cash flow and value of all properties under our management.

At Rossi Real Estate, we are confident you will enjoy the difference in how we assist in "Growing Your Investments".

For more information on how your property can be effectively managed by us, please contact our team to obtain your copy of our Property Management Profile.




Principal: Ms Lainie Rossi

Ph: 07 4041 7668
M: 0413 386 735
E: click here

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